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Claim 51St - New US state by 2005

Category: Politics:US Politics JUDGED at 0
Owner:90, rosvicl
Judge:7188, ux
due date:2006/03/01

The Claim

By 31 December 2005, at least one new state will have been admitted to the United States of America. This claim will be judged true if any new state is admitted. This includes a new state on land now part of the US but not now a state, such as the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico; the division of a current state into two or more states (as allowed in the US constitution); or the admission of new territory into the US as a state. New land added as a territory, or a new protectorate or UN trust territory, would not satisfy this claim. (If one or more current states leave, and a new state is later added, the claim will be judged YES: despite the claim abbreviation, the key point is that a state has been added, not the total number of states in the US. However, a failed secession attempt, in which the new state is the same as a current state, does not count. For the purposes of this claim, "now" means 15 November 1995.) If two or more states combine to become a single state, that will not affect this claim.

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