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Claim RC05s - Robot Car wins DGC '05 -scaled

Category: Science & Technology:Technology JUDGED at 100
Owner:7188, ux
Judge:3126, Varulv
due date:2005/10/18

The Claim

This is a scaled claim that pays (MaxMiles/200), where "MaxMiles" is the maximum distance traveled, in miles, by any autonomous vehicle competing in the DARPA Grand Challenge '05. DARPA reports that the course will be no longer than 175 miles. If any team completes the course within 10 hours and is thus awarded the Grand Challenge prize, the claim should be judged at 100.

The distance traveled must be along the race course; that is, a vehicle which travels many miles in the wrong direction will be credited only for how far it travels along the specified route.

DARPA's measurements are conclusive, and the claim should be judged as soon as DARPA has posted final results for the '05 race. If the result is unclear or undecided by DARPA by the judging date, the judge can postpone judging until the result is clear, (for instance, if the autonomy of a car is in question). In the unlikely event that DARPA does not release vehicle distances traveled, the judge may substitute available media reports. If the race does not take place in 2005, the claim should be judged at 0.

The second DARPA Grand Challenge is scheduled to be held October 8, 2005. According to the contest rules, the team whose autonomous ground vehicle completes the designated route (up to 175 miles through desert terrain in the American Southwest) fastest within 10 hours wins a $2 million prize. Of the 195 teams that entered the challenge, 118 were selected for site visits, and 40 of these teams advanced to compete in the National Qualification Event in Fontana, CA (9/27/05-10/5/05); 20 of these teams will be selected to compete in the Grand Challenge event.

The first DARPA Grand Challenge race was held in March 2004, and was the subject of the FX claim RbtCar. No team completed the course, so the prize was not awarded. The maximum distance traveled was 7.4 miles, by Red Team, and the next closest competitors went 6.7, 6.0, and 5.2 miles. All four of these teams are semifinalists in the 2005 event. The '04 results are available here.

Judge's Statement

Stanford Racing Team's "Stanley" won the $2,000,000 award.

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