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Claim UFOx - Existence of UFOs verified

Category: Science & Technology:Space JUDGED at 0
Judge:723, Mario Hilgemeier
due date:2000/01/01

The Claim

The existence of UFOs, i.e. vehicles of an extraterrestial nature, is proven by verifiable scientific methods before January 1, 2000. Methods of verification include, but are not limited to:

  • physical evidence of such craft, either remains or whole craft
  • remains of extraterrestial beings, alive or dead
  • photographic, video, or radio evidence of UFOs which can be proven to be genuine by a large number of credible scientists.
The proof must be available to the general public and be generally accepted by the scientific community.

Judge's Statement

Judgement will be based on information available from established scientific newsmedia, e.g. Scientific American

In view of the last UFO flap over Mexico (very convincing video footage), the very well-documented flaps in Belgium and the film about the dissection of an alien I think the claim may be true. Many people have seen things which can at present not been explained. BUT: the scientific media are silent about these events, the extraterrestrial nature is not proven yet ...

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