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Claim VbKT - Voice beats keyboard 2020

Category: Science & Technology:Computer Technology & Benchmarks JUDGED at 0
Judge:3899, Zucchini
due date:2020/01/01

The Claim

Proposition: Voice access will be more popular than keyboard access to computers by the year 2020. Pro: In 1996, IBM is popularizing voice access in TV commercials. Infoworld finds the software usable, but uncomfortable. Startups are making inroads...you can make an audio clip for your web page by phone and other innovations are expected. Moore's Law keeps making computers smaller and more able, so why tote around a keyboard for a watch computer? Con: But can we count the keyboard out yet? Trained keyboardists can type a lot faster than they can talk. With ergonomic layouts, such as the Dvorak keyboard, efficiency is even higher. Voice recognition is a hard problem especially "whenpeoplemuddletheirwordstogether". The keyboard has been around a long time, do not count it out.

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The Market

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