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Claim WRIRAN - War in Iran by 2016

Category: News:World News JUDGED at 0
Owner:7395, fej
Judge:5456, painlord
due date:2017/02/01

The Claim

Before January 1, 2017, some nation state attacks or is attacked by Iran. For this claim to be judged true, military forces must engage Iranian targets at the direction of the leader of that country, or Iranian military forces must engage targets at the direction of the Iranian leadership.

Some events that would satisfy this claim:

* The U.S. launches an air strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.
* Isreal launches a surgical strikes of "decapitation" on members of the Iranian leadership.
* Canada launches a full-scale invasion of Iran.
* Iran attacks the U.S. or one of its allies, and the U.S. responds with military force.

Note that the leader of the attacking country must specifically premeditate and order this operation. An automatic response by U.S. forces to an Iranian action in a single incident would not constitute sufficient conditions for this claim to be judged TRUE.

Some events that would NOT satisfy this claim:

* An Iranian aircraft enters prohibited airspace, and is shot down by U.S. forces.
* Iranian soldiers fire on isreali soldiers, and the Isreali soldiers immediately return fire.
* A rogue general orders a military attack without prior authorization from Iran's president.

Iran is one of three nations comprising the "axis of evil". The other two are Iraq and North Korea. The United States launched a military attack on Iraq on March 19, 2003.

(based on claim USIran)

Judge's Statement

The Iran leadership will be not limited to:
1) Supreme Leader of Iran
2) President of Iran
Other political legal bodies will be considered "leadership":
1) Council of Guardians;
2) Assembly of Experts;
3) Council of Ministers;
4) The Majles;
5) The top military commanders;

Point (5) it is not a loophole to defeat the "rogue general" clause because the top military commanders must be considered political figures much more than in the U.S.A. and western democracies.

The same rules could be applied to any country attacking Iran (E.G. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc.)

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