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2005-08-29 FX code base released as open source.
Archives(Links may be out of date)
1996-06-06 Boston Globe
1996-06 LA Times
1996-02-26Planet Science Site of the Day (on-line arm of New Scientist):
Planet Science
1996-01-15Air date of interview on "", the Discovery Channel (Canada).
1996-01 NetGuide Magazine's CyberGuide
Foresight Update, #22
1995-11Sean Morgan was a guest of the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival 95 in Rotterdam, Nov. 21-26, to demo FX.
1995-09 Wired
1995-09Top 5% of the web by Point Communications (acquired by Lycos). Check out the detailed evaluation. This award lets us use this logo:
5 percent logo
1995-08-30 Wall Street Journal
UndatedLA Daily News
Extropy #16
(US) Extro 2 paper (Kittlitz, Hewitt, et al.). Currently in ZIPped RTF, yet to be htmlified.
(Japan) Eye-Com [Internet Magazine]
(Canada) Computer Paper. Press release published as letter to the editor
(Canada) Calgary Sun (with GIF)
(Canada) Calgary Herald
(Canada) Alberta Report (with GIF)

Further FX Reading

Robin Hanson on the idea futures concept:

Other web pages that refer to the web implementation:

Neal Stephenson's short story, "The Great Simolean Caper", is related to some of the discussions we have had around FX.

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