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08/29/05 - FX code is now open source!

xx/xx/xx - Many bug fixes, etc. over the years.
08/xx/96 - Drop stake back to , reinstitute allowance (& catch on trade history)
08/xx/96 - Claim list: allow selection of proposed/approved/active/retired claims
08/xx/96 - Claim list: tag scaled claims
08/xx/96 - Outlining version of basket definition
07/04/96 - "Go live" on FX server, disable IF server
08/30/95 - Documentation consolidated and indexed
07/19/95 - User utilities: a transaction page button that lets users change their email addresses
05/25/95 - Main page further re-organized. FX Readings added
05/23/95 - Instruction page revised and calved off to a separate page
05/17/95 - User utilities: if you've forgotten your URL, you can get it automatically remailed
04/22/95 - Claim descriptions are now on separate pages
04/22/95 - List of symbols for editing is now restricted to those you can actually edit
02/16/95 - Added a tutorial by Ken Fishkin (
12/28/94 - Updated database calls to Perl 5 to make the data more robust and allow longer claim descriptions
11/30/94 - filtering of book and ticker
11/29/94 - capitalization and number of holders added to ticker data
11/25/94 - first news postings of price summaries (later dropped). Allow authorized people to make wording changes to claims
11/21/94 - plots of ticker data
11/17/94 - transaction form has configurable display, and shows last price traded
11/07/94 - allowed authorized people to maintain claims database (with exception of wording changes)
10/30/94 - claim ownership identified. Announced on comp.society.futures
10/28/94 - first claim closed (DMMS): manual with some code support
10/06/94 - Players may add their own claims
09/30/94 - State data (e-mail address & password) not displayed on transaction form
09/29/94 - Reintroduced trading of NO coupons (without relying on arbitrage to set their price this time)
09/26/94 - Quantity ordered truncated to cash available
09/23/94 - Mailing lists, price summaries, announcements to extropians and sci.nanotech
09/18/94 - Detailed data page. Checked syntax and legality of transactions (have enough cash or shares to do it)
09/16/94 - trading restricted to YES coupons only (later reversed). Some data files made accessible by web browser
08/28/94 - moved data files to another directory and restricted access
08/22/94 - personal info on registration and removed jump to transaction
08/19/94 - E-mail transaction confirmations, income on Mondays
08/18/94 - Net worth on transaction form
08/16/94 - Transaction processing

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